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Drinkies Promotion Code Terms & Conditions


1. The Promotion (the "Promotion") will be governed by these standard terms and conditions (the "Terms of Promotion"). Each participant agrees that he / she has read and understood these Terms of Use and by participating in the Promotion, each participant will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to each of the terms and conditions appearing herein in the Terms of Promotion.

2. The Promotion is offered by Heineken Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd. (the "Organiser") on the Drinkies app or www.drinkies.my (the “App or Website”).

3. These Terms of Promotion apply to the legal relationship between the Organiser and a participant in the Promotion. By participating in the Promotion, participants agree to be bound by the Terms of Promotion and all decisions by the Organiser.

4. The laws of Malaysia shall govern the Promotion and these Terms of Promotion. All disputes arising in connection with the Promotion and these Terms of Promotion, including but not limited to disputes concerning the existence and validity thereof, shall be resolved by the competent courts of Malaysia and by participating in the Promotion the participants hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia. However, it shall be the sole responsibility and obligation of each participant to ensure that he / she complies and does not contravene any laws to which he / she may be personally subjected to.

5. A failure by the Organiser to enforce any of these rules in any instance(s) will not give rise to any claim by any other person.

6. To participate in the Promotion, participants will need to provide their personal details for competition judgement and prize fulfilment purposes, as well as marketing and promotional purposes in connection with this Promotion. All participants must ensure the details provided are true, accurate, current and complete. The Organiser reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all participants.

7. The Promotion will be held during the Promotion Period as set out in this Terms of Promotion. The Organiser reserves the right to vary, postpone or re-schedule the dates of the Promotion or extend the Promotion Period at its sole discretion.

8. The Organiser shall have the right, at its sole discretion, at any time and without prior notification, to change or discontinue any aspect of the Promotion and to change, amend, delete or modify the Terms of Promotion and other rules and regulations including the mechanism of the Promotion, or any part thereof. Such changes shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms of Promotion on the site. If a participant does not agree to abide by these or any amended or modified Terms of Promotion, the participant should not continue to participate in the Promotion. Participants are advised to revisit the site on a regular basis and frequently read the Terms of Promotion in the event of any change. The continued participation by the participant in the Promotion indicates the participant's full acceptance of the amended and modified Terms of Promotion.

9. The Organiser may terminate or suspend the Promotion at any time at its absolute discretion in which case, the Organiser may elect not to award any prizes. Such termination or suspension will not give rise to any claim by a participant. If the Promotion is resumed by the Organiser, a participant shall abide by the Organiser's decision regarding recommencement of the Promotion and the assignment of the prizes.

10. Any dispute or situation not covered by these Terms of Promotion will be resolved by the management of the Organiser in a manner it reasonably deems to be fairest to all concerned. That decision shall be final and binding on all participants. No correspondence will be entertained.

11. If these Terms of Promotion are translated into a language other than English, the English version of the Terms of Use shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency.

12. Participants to this Promotion are deemed to accept the terms and conditions of this Promotion unconditionally. A failure to adhere to these terms and conditions will result in the disqualification of a Participant from the Promotion and forfeiture of the premium(s).

Participation to WELCOME20 first time customer promotion

13. The Promotion Period will be from: 

  • Dates communicated on the promotion medium

14. The Promotion is open ONLY to non-Muslim individuals who reside in Malaysia aged 21 and over (as of at the date of participation in the Promotion and proof of age will be required), who are not Ineligible Persons and who are lawfully permitted to consume alcoholic beverages. No syndicates or groups will be allowed to participate.

1. Brief description of the promotion

Non-Muslim individuals, aged 21 and above who are placing an order on Drinkies.my for the first time with a minimum spend of RM180. 

2. Brief description of the mechanism of promotion

(a) Participants may participate with the completion of one order on the App or Website during the promotion period. The promotion code provided can then be applied to the order on the payment selection page for a RM20 discount.

(b) New customers are verified by their name, email, telephone number, and shipping address.

(c) Each promo code is restricted to two (2) individual usages per household.

(d) Should the site suspect the placement of a fraudulent order (even after you have received an email confirmation of acceptance of your order), we may contact you by email or telephone regarding such suspected fraudulent order and, in the site’s sole discretion, we may interrupt, restrict, or terminate your order without notice to you.

(e) Only new customers placing orders on the App or Website for the first time are eligible for this promotion.

(f) The method of participation in the Promotion is via the promo code redemption on the App or Website only.

(g) The participants must adhere to the mechanism of the Promotion as may be notified or communicated by the Organiser during the Promotion Period.

3. Promotion period

The Promotion shall be held from the period stipulated or such other time that the Organiser deems fit. The Organiser reserves the right to vary, withdraw or re-schedule the Promotion Period or any dates thereof at its sole discretion.


Participation to Drinkies x Heineken® Home Stadium Contest 

  • Drinkies x Heineken® Home Stadium Contest  ("the Contest") is organised by Heineken Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd ("the Organiser").
  • The contest starts from 14 June 2021, 00:00 (MYT) to 4 July 2021, 23:59 (MYT) (“Contest Period”).
  • Contest is open to all nationalities, non-muslims aged 21 and above, currently residing within the Drinkies delivery coverage area ("Eligible Participants"). Drinkies delivery currently covers Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh and Johor Bahru. No purchase of Drinkies products is required to participate in this contest.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to modify the contest mechanisms, withdraw or terminate this Contest at any time at its sole and absolute discretion without prior notices to any person.
  • Employees of the Organiser, its affiliates and/or related companies and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the Contest.
  • Eligible Participants are allowed to submit only (1) entry per individual. To participate, Eligible Participants must comply and complete:
  • Eligible Participants MUST answer one question and provide their Full Name, valid Contact Number and Email address (Incomplete entries will not be considered) on the Contest website (www.drinkies.my/heineken-home-stadium).
  • Entries must be submitted during the Contest period.
  • One winner will be selected at random from the Contest entries, and winner will receive a Heineken® Home Stadium consisting of: 1x Limited Edition EURO locker, 1x Heineken EURO pints (24 bottles), 1x Heineken 0.0 pints carton (24 bottles), 5x football jerseys (5 designs), 2x Euro glasses, 1x Limited Edition EURO football, 2x Limited Edition EURO scarf, 1x Heineken 0.0 mini fridge, 1x 60" TV, 1x gaming console, 1x mix of snacks (unbranded)
  • The winner of the Contest will be notified via the same email address and/or phone number used to participate in the Contest no later than 7 July 2021.
  • Prize shall be redeemed no later 31 August 2021.
  • If any confirmed winner fails to respond to the email or phone call within five (5) working days upon being notified, another winner will be selected in which event the Organiser shall not be held responsible for any losses and / or damages suffered by any uncontactable winner.
  • The Organiser reserves the sole and absolute right to disqualify any participants or reject any participants deemed ineligible for the Contest.
  • By participating in this contest, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions stipulated herein and you agree that the Organiser may collect, obtain, store and process your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Notice published on Drinkies’ website https://www.drinkies.my/legal.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to modify the contest mechanisms, this Terms and Conditions and withdraw or terminate this Contest at any time at its sole and absolute discretion without prior notices to any person.
  • The Contest and the prize redemption is subject to any law, regulations, order, directives, guidelines or standard operating procedure imposed by the government from time to time and the Organiser shall not be held responsible for any delay, losses and/ or damages suffered arising from the same.

Are you of legal drinking age?

I'm aged 21 years old & above and a non-muslim
Are you of legal drinking age?
I'm aged 21 years old & above and a non-muslim