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Draught Service

Draught Service

Order draught at home

Draught Service

Be the Star Host

Barman Service

Draught beer served by a professional barman (4 hours)

Delivery & Pickup

Let us do the heavy lifting

Fresh draught beer

Poured to perfection

Perfect for events

Sit back & Relax

  1. -pack Must-Buy Heineken® Starclub Mini Home Bar
    Heineken® Starclub Mini Home Bar

    Make your home celebration epic this festive season. Enjoy Heineken® draught at home and own an exclusive mini home bar!



    *Non-Muslims, 21+ only

    *When You Drive Never Drink

    As low as RM 1,199.00
  2. -pack Promo Kirin Ichiban Draught 15L
    Kirin Ichiban Draught 15L

    KIRIN ICHIBAN manifests the authentic tastes of nature crafted to appeal to the palate,
    and it pairs beautifully with Japanese cuisine.


    ***Best Before Date" 11th july

    As low as RM 556.00 Regular Price RM 603.00
  3. -pack Heineken® Draught 10L
    Heineken® Draught 10L
    As low as RM 482.00

Elevate your drinking experience

Hosting a birthday party, gathering with friends or other event? Elevate your drinking experience with Drinkies Draught Service. With Drinkies Draught Service, you'll get fresh draught beer delivered to your location and served by a professional barman. 

Why Draught Service?

Draught Service is a perfect option for events big or small where you want the serving taken care of. We’ll take care of the delivery, setup, serving the beer and pickup. All you have to do is sit back and make sure you (and your guests) have a good time!

How does the ordering process work?

Select your favorite draught beers and choose the date of your event (at least 5 working days from the moment of ordering) upon checkout.

After confirmation of your order, our team will contact you to confirm your preferred delivery time. If you have a special request or questions, please reach out to us via the channels at the bottom of this page.

The Draught Service includes 4 hours barman service, pickup and delivery. Glassware is not included.

How much draught beer do I need for my event?

Each liter of draught beer serves around 3 glasses (330ml). When you select your favorite draught beer, you can see estimations of the number of glasses and the number of guests it can cater.

What if I don’t empty the kegs?

Open kegs and non-draught items are non-refundable. If you wish to return a closed keg, the keg’s value will be refunded to your account. This may take up to 14 days from the moment of refund processing depending on your bank.

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I'm aged 21 years old & above and a non-muslim
Are you of legal drinking age?
I'm aged 21 years old & above and a non-muslim