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Beer & Cider

Beer & Cider



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  1. Must-Buy Guinness 24-can pack
    Guinness 24-can pack
    Special Price RM 168.00 Regular Price RM 172.00
  2. Must-Buy tiger 24-cans
    Tiger 24-can pack
    Special Price RM 149.00 Regular Price RM 154.00
  3. Must-Buy Heineken® 24-can pack
    Heineken® 24-can pack
    Special Price RM 179.00 Regular Price RM 187.00
  4. Must-Buy Apple Fox Cider 24-can
    Apple Fox Cider 24-can pack
    Special Price RM 120.90 Regular Price RM 127.00
  5. Must-Buy 2x6-can Tiger
    2x6-can Tiger
    Special Price RM 77.00 Regular Price RM 79.00
  6. Must-Buy 2x6-can Heineken®
    2x6-can Heineken®
    Special Price RM 89.00 Regular Price RM 96.00
  7. Must-Buy 2x6-can Apple Fox Cider
    2x6-can Apple Fox Cider
    Special Price RM 62.00 Regular Price RM 66.00
  8. Must-Buy Tiger Crystal 24-can pack
    Tiger Crystal 24-can pack
    Special Price RM 139.00 Regular Price RM 154.00
  9. Must-Buy 2x6-can Tiger Crystal
    2x6-can Tiger Crystal
    Special Price RM 72.00 Regular Price RM 79.00
  10. Promo 2x6-can Kirin Ichiban
    2x6-can Kirin Ichiban
    Special Price RM 134.00 Regular Price RM 139.00
  11. Must-Buy 2x6 Can Guinness
    2x6 Can Guinness
    Special Price RM 86.00 Regular Price RM 89.00
  12. Must-Buy Kirin Ichiban 6-bottle pack
    Kirin Ichiban 6-bottle pack
    Special Price RM 72.90 Regular Price RM 81.00
  13. Must-Buy Lagunitas Little Sumpin'
    Lagunitas Little Sumpin'
    Special Price RM 22.50 Regular Price RM 25.00
  14. Must-Buy Lagunitas IPA
    Lagunitas IPA
    Special Price RM 20.70 Regular Price RM 23.00
  15. Must-Buy Birra Moretti L'Autentica
    Birra Moretti L'Autentica
    Special Price RM 18.00 Regular Price RM 20.00
  16. Must-Buy Desperados
    Special Price RM 18.90 Regular Price RM 21.00

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Are you of legal drinking age?
I'm aged 21 years old & above and a non-muslim